Director of Photography

Brooke Candy - Drip (feat. Erika Jayne)


Brooke Candy - Drip (feat. Erika Jayne)



Directed by: Brooke Candy & ANgelo kritikos

DP: Adam Weinberg

Creative Direction: Seth Pratt & Brooke Candy

Editor: Nic Seago

Producer: Love Bailey @ Slather Studios

Styling: Star Burleigh

Hair: Larry Dean McDaniel

Makeup: Anthony Nguyen & Etienne Ortega

Photographer: Nate Rynanski

Assistants: Dani Espinoza, Scotty Sussman, Grant Vanderbilt


‘Drip’ was featured in Paper Magazine, MTV, Flaunt, Billboard, Dazed, Idolator, and others, and in it’s first week reached over 185,000 views.

Press: MTV, Billboard, Paper Magazine, Flaunt

From Flaunt:

Opening a can of wet cat food and pouring milk all over their bodies, Brooke Candy and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne’s new single “Drip” is out today and it’s the new feminist anthem. The girls play in bird cages and chase cats while dancing around in sexy black latex. “Now he tryna have my baby. Vibing now, he wants to turn the lights out so he can see what the hype ‘bout.” They’re showing who’s boss…and its not you or me.

Starting her career at the Seventh Veil adult club in Hollywood, Candy has done it all. Stripper turned rapper just recently wrote and directed a film for Porbhub titled I Love You and also premiered at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona. She’s also worked with Brooklyn Museum of Art, Miami Art Basel, MOCA and more. She gained attention through Grimes’ music video “Genesis” and also rapped on Charli XCX’s album “True Romance.” This is not her first rodeo. And it shows.

Her latest collaborations are all about eradicating shame and reclaiming female sexuality from a society that tries to suppress it. “SEXORCISM” has tracks with Iggy Azalea, Rico Nast, TOOPOOR, Bree Runway and more. “SEXORICISM” is said to come out later this fall. Meow.