Director of Photography

Beautiful Savage X WOLVVES


Beautiful Savage X WOLVVES



Directed by: Robbie Joseph

Director of Photography: Adam Weinberg

Producer, Editor, color correction: Ben Cawiezell

Producer: Chad Saville

Stylist: Lexie Coon

Make Up: Elvira Gonzales

SFX: Reina Terror

Second AC: Taylor Zahn

Associate Producer: Ashley G Garner

Stylists Assistant: Aaron Ricks

Apparel by: Wesley Berryman


Starring: Ola Morafa

Shadow People: Ashley G Garner, Aaron Ricks, Frederick Ochoa

Beautiful Savage magazine collaborated with Brooklyn electronic dance trio WOLVVES to create this hybrid music / fashion video to their song ‘Communion’.

From Beautiful Savage magazine - “The audio-visual aesthetic that WOLVVES occupy is something they deem “illuminati hip-hop.” It’s an amalgam of contemporary electronic dance music combined with the sexier, more progressive elements from 1970’s and the 1990’s, with and a myriad of influences including glam and 90’s east coast hip hop.”